About Us

Adam & Sandy are Co-CEO’s of Healthy Meals Kitchen. 

HMK is currently utilizing Adam’s family restaurant, Dino's Italian Restaurant, for all cooking and prepping. The restaurant holds very high standards in regards to passing all health codes and has a passing grade in Orange County. 

Together Adam & Sandy live to inspire and love helping clients tackle whatever health issue, goal, or lifestyle desire they may have.

Essentially, Healthy Meals Kitchen offers an approach to eating and being well that is all about simplifying decisions, so you don’t have to overthink your food choices.

Food has the power to shape not only our bodies and brains but also our lives and futures. Without an optimal body and mind, you will not be able to produce peak results. Get to the top of your game by making health and nutrition a priority.

Healthy Meals Kitchen will set you up to lose weight and maintain weight loss. You’ll learn how to make the mental shift and stop counting calories, let go of the restrictive deprivation mindset that you associate with diets and weight loss and replace it with a strong and confident state of mind. 

****Manufactured in Dino's Italian Restaurant, which is a facility that processes meat, soy, and wheat products**** Please contact us if you have any questions regarding food allergens.