Our Team



Adam brings over 2 decades of experience to HMK. He studied Business Operations Management at CSULB and is currently overseeing his family restaurant, Dino's Italian Restaurant. The restaurant holds very high standards in regards to passing all health codes and has a passing grade in Orange County.  Adam is a Certified Food Handling Manager and also holds very high standards ensuring that all foods are handled with care.

Adam found his passion for food at a very young age since he started helping out at his dad's restaurant at the age of 12. Since then he's found a way to open an online restaurant of his own... Healthy Meals Kitchen! He's always enjoyed living a healthy and balanced lifestyle and in recent years has found a greater passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals through preparing deliciously healthy meals. He is very grateful for all of your feedback and has said his favorite comment thus far is, "I love how easy it is to stay on track with HMK since the food doesn't taste like diet food."



Sandy is a Certified Nutritionist with over 10 years of coaching experience. Sandy graduated from CSULA from the Nutritional Science program. She has worked closely with physicians, personal trainers, and private clients. She is very passionate about designing simple and efficient programs that have lasting results.

Aside from nutrition Sandy is extremely passionate about fitness. She is a certified NESTA personal trainer as well as a well-rounded group fitness instructor.

If you'd like to book a one-on-one consultation she is available at healthymeaslkitchen@gmail.com ATTN: Sandy

Sandy & Adam love leading a life in fitness. Together they lead by example and wish only to help you succeed and move in a positive direction with your health & wellness goals.


Kayla Rose

Plant-Based Chef

Kayla is a plant-based chef based out of Orange County, Ca. She has created a sustainable vegetarian menu for Team HMK.

Kayla decided to pursue a career as a health supportive chef, as nutrition as well as Ayurveda are passions of hers. Kayla made the move to Austin, Tx to attend The Natural Epicurean for its one-of-a-kind plant based, health supporting curriculum including Ayurveda. After completing culinary school her mission became addressing her clients/students’ health with a holistic approach and providing them with delicious, plant-based cuisine and safe, effective yoga classes. In addition to her regular yoga class schedule, she has assisted several yoga teacher trainings, cooked for yoga retreats domestically/internationally, cooks for private clients, writes a blog and is a contributing writer for LA Yoga Magazine. A believer that optimal health is an achievable goal for everyone Kayla combines the principles of yoga, mindfulness and nourishing plant based food to maintain the health and well-being of her clients.

Learn more at:  kaylarosecuisineandyoga.com