I'd like to sign-up for a subscription. How does it work?

Simply design your menu and select subscribe! We’ll have your meals delivered to you or ready for pick up every week.   By subscribing you are authorizing Healthy Meals Kitchen a weekly transaction of your desired order and a refund will not be issued unless it is requested prior to the order deadline of that specific order.

If you’d like any additional meals or snacks, simply purchase them a week ahead of time and we’ll include them in your weekly subscription pack! 

How it works: Orders placed must meet our order deadlines. Your card will be charged on the purchase date each week. Customers can cancel 24 hours prior to their charge date. Once the order has been charged and the order deadline has been met we will not be able to cancel, nor refund, as we purchase all of our inventory fresh and accordingly to each order.

Subscribe and save! Discount codes cannot be combined with any subscription.


To manage your subscription simply create a profile:

If you have any issues with your subscription contact Sandy:

ATTN: Sandy 

(714) 837-0362

Response time is 24-48 hours.