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The days of yo-yo dieting, calorie counting, and excessive cardio are a thing of the past. There’s a new system in town, and it is changing the health and fitness industry. We get it, you’ve heard that before… but this, this is revolutionary, and it’s available 24/7, in the palm of your hand. It’s not an app, it’s not a cookie-cutter diet, it’s a new solution powered by Artificial Intelligence.



Wellness plus is an Adaptive Metabolic System powered by AIME. AIME (Artificial Intelligence Metabolic Expert) brings the expertise of a real-time nutritionist, personal trainer, on-demand health coach, and metabolic expert to cohesively work together and learn about you. When combined with our Certified Metabolic Coach, Sandy L., you've got a powerful team of experts with you around the clock. Moreover, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, AIME adjusts specifically to you and your body's characteristics. This allows for ongoing micro adjustments that continuously produce a real-time macro profile tailored precisely to you. How incredible is that?



The energy systems of the body are incredibly complex and specific to each person. AIME is proactive in guiding you from one good meal choice to the next, one exercise to another, designed and maintained specifically for you.


AIME understands the true dynamic nature of your metabolism. Your body changes thousands of times a day, at a micro level to its environment. You can lead these changes by nutrition and exercise, understanding that our actions or lack thereof, instantly influence a metabolic shift in our bodies-- good or bad. Calories don’t take into consideration your metabolism or the level of metabolic damage you may have already endured. With AIME, you will not track weight or calories, your weight doesn’t give us enough information about your body’s composition or wellness needs. AIME designs a plan that fits the needs of an individual taking body composition, hormonal status, conditioning, activity levels and intensity into account. Also, unlike any other plan available, AIME adjusts as the client changes, ensuring results will be ongoing and sustainable. Your custom plan is created using real food and allowing the client to have a wide variety of things to eat, creating the ultimate variety in food flexibility.



AIME works by creating an initial metabolic profile for you. The profile factors in 21 different metabolic markers, your body’s composition, specific measurements, and an optimal fitness test that will provide a baseline of where your metabolism stands on a wellness spectrum. Once your baseline is created, AIME takes your metabolic profile and turns it into a daily action plan.


Your daily plan includes: how many meals you should eat, the macronutrient breakdown of each meal, and the portions of the food you should consume. AIME even helps you find the foods that best match your metabolic needs.  She ties this in with an optimal metabolic exercise system where she guides you step-by-step, according to your goals. AIME continuously learns about you. Every 14 days you will meet with your Certified Metabolic Coach, Sandy L, to do a quick check-in.  This check-in is a snapshot in time of how your metabolism is responding to your current metabolic profile. Based on your results, AIME may make adjustments according to your goal to reach optimal metabolism.



Wellness plus introduces the concept of “needs-based nutrition,” providing you with the best blueprint designed to reach your specific goals. Factoring in what your body needs at a metabolic level based on body composition, fitness level, and overall wellness. These are used to assess metabolic capacity, utilization, and flexibility. Factors are adjusted depending on the degree of your metabolic damage. AIME combines all of these vital components to develop a unique nutrition and exercise outline precisely to your needs.



AIME adjusts as your progress for two very significant reasons. First, no one can come out of the gate and tell you exactly what is going to work for you. Diets have been trying this for decades with little to no success. Why? They are trying to force your metabolism into the box they designed instead of forming a new box around your specific requirements. It’s the difference between buying a suit or dress off the rack versus having one tailor-made. Secondly, AIME is the first system to recognize the dynamic and ever-changing nature of your metabolism. For example, if you participated in extracurricular activity, like a company softball game, AIME would promptly adjust nutrients based on intensity. Experience a heart-pumping, sweat-covered workout? Great, AIME may need to alter your fuel intake to make sure your metabolic needs are met.



Small changes are proactively occurring throughout the day, in between meals, following activities, and from one day to the next. ASSIST™ will adjust accordingly depending on the fuel your body is or is not using. Larger more specific changes occur every 14 days after your check-in with your Certified Metabolic Coach. During that check-in, your coach will provide AIME with information including, height and weight, two required body measurements: waist and hip, and your body fat percentage from the InBody Analysis. NOTE: Weight is only to show the user that if you lose muscle, it may “look good” on the scale, but losing muscle can be harmful to your metabolism. Wellness Plus turns the focus to a complete shape shift–burning fat to building muscle. 



Before we take you any further allow us to introduce you to the Wellness Report. The Wellness Report gives us your HICO score (Health Index Composite Order). Made up of 21 different metabolic markers and 5 fitness factors, the HICO score is a unique tool to gauge your progress and total wellness. In addition to the HICO score, you will find a Wellness Risks Chart and Fitness Level Graph. This Wellness Report is developed during the initial sign-up and re-evaluated at every check-in. Scores provided are a gauge for you to improve your total wellness. AIME wants to ensure that as you hit your goals, you are genuinely becoming healthier. 


During check-ins, AIME will measure your progress and make adjustments based on the new data entered. Keep in mind that Wellness Plus, powered by artificial intelligence, does better with more information. Therefore, the more data you input in Wellness Plus, the better AIME will learn what your body needs. Your progress will depend on the information found during the check-ins. Are you losing muscle or building it? Gaining fat or burning it? Are you reaching your full potential during your workouts? Are you fueling yourself with at least 80% of your daily intake of proper nutrition? If the answer is yes and you are building muscle and losing body fat, are you doing it at a sufficient pace? With the data collected, AIME will compare your metabolism to an optimal metabolism to make sure you are reaching your full potential. Think of Wellness Plus as your Metabolic Wellness GPS, guiding you on what moves to make next to get you to your desired destination.



Metabolic Damage is multifaceted, and everyone experiences it to a degree. Metabolic damage can be explained as anything that negatively affects the metabolic processes in the body. Metabolic Damage may accumulate when the metabolism is stressed to the extreme, whether through overtraining, or a sedentary lifestyle, adrenal fatigue, or chronic dieting. Other factories may include; genetics, sleep patterns, environmental factors, stress levels, body composition, etc. Over time this may radically affect how the body processes food. AIME’s number one focus is to guide you with the proper nutrition and exercise programs to support your metabolic functions. If our metabolism is working at an optimal level, then our body is processing food the way it is designed to. No diet or other fad fitness plans consider the Metabolic Relativity Model. 



Other diet and trendy fitness plans do not consider this model


Metabolic Capacity is what a person’s body is made of, a muscle to fat ratio, which determines the foods needed based on the body’s composition.  

Metabolic Utilization is the impact (good or bad) that different types of foods have within the body; each person has a unique dosage or limit

Metabolic Flexibility is based on heart rate, what level of energy was expended and what food is best to eat to maximize your health and fitness.

Metabolic Damage is accumulated damage that occurs to metabolisms over time which can radically affect how the body processes food.

AIME realizes that your metabolism is unique to YOU and YOUR nutrition and exercise programs should be custom. There is not a one plan fits all, no one is just like you. Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint. The reality is that even though we might go on vacation or take breaks, our metabolism doesn’t. With Wellness Plus’ ability to coach you on the go, you can stay on track no matter where the destination. Wellness Plus, will take you as far as your genetics will allow, while improving your metabolic wellness along the way. Other fit plan programs are made to be reactive responding to what you plug into them with zero help to guide you. Wellness Plus is not a tracker; it is a proactive system that guides you from one good meal choice to the next, one exercise to another, designed and maintained specifically for you.



Not all diets are created equal, as appealing as they make their methods sound, it does not mean you will fit within that box. Cookie cutter diets with one meal plan that fits all, simply won’t work because of metabolic individuality. With Wellness Plus you do not have to “fit” a diet, the custom formula needs to fit you! Wellness Plus creates your plate by studying key components including calories consumed, fuel usage, hormones, spillover, and also, creates custom macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) designed for you. 


It’s important to remember that macronutrients are made up of calories. However, not everyone responds to those calories in the same way. For instance, 100 calories from fat will affect the body differently than 100 calories of protein.



Your body burns different fuel sources (carbohydrates and fats) at different heart rates, gender, and fitness levels.



Is your body sensitive or resistant to these critical hormones? Solving this riddle is directly linked to determining your correct nutritional needs.



Your body has a storage tank (muscle) for extra carbs that your body will use for fuel. If it spills over, it goes back to the liver and makes you store more fat.



Eating a “balanced” diet is different for each person due to their unique metabolic fingerprint. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, what works for you? This is one of the reasons why some people respond better to a low carb diet or a high fat diet.


Wellness Plus will also assign you with daily amounts of water to drink to stay properly hydrated based on your body composition and activity level. As well as a GREEN SCORE, which is based on the daily amount of phytonutrients and alkalinity.



Let’s get physical! Here’s the scoop–High levels of metabolic damage can lead to limitations in fitness engagement. Low levels of fitness impact our body’s ability to generate heat and burn calories. Decreasing our ability to utilize glucose and fatty acids for energy, resulting in more fat stored. As we develop our muscle mass and strength, coupled with an increase in metabolic efficiency, we improve our metabolic damage. The more fit we are, the healthier our metabolism is.


Say goodbye to countless hours in the gym. Wellness Plus exercises are designed to create an afterburn effect, also known as Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). The workouts with Wellness Plus will significantly increase calorie burning after training. Each Wellness Plus workout is designed to implement the following components based on your current metabolic wellness level:


Continuous Power The goal is to build stronger tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Targeted Stimulus The goal is to target and build new lean muscle tissue.

Metabolic Conditioning The goal is to enhance heart, lung capacity, and fat burning.

Metabolic Stimulus The goal is to improve muscular endurance and fat burning.

Video Tutorials

Not sure how to do an exercise? No problem. Wellness Plus provides video tutorials for all exercises in your workouts. Not to mention, if you're not fond of the suggested exercise, you can swap it for a similar movement.


A healthy lifestyle change is a process that takes time and demands personal commitment. Upon deciding to make a change, the difficult part for many is committing and following through with your decision. There are no shortcuts nor is there an easy way out when it comes to positive results that last.


Wellness Plus will guide you one step at a time to help correct the metabolic damage you may have acquired over time. The artificial intelligence aspect of Wellness Plus may require some time to get to know you and your metabolic structure first. Once this is established, Wellness Plus, combined with your commitment and consistency, will lead you to correct your metabolic damage moving you closer to your goals each day.


Like a fingerprint, everyone’s metabolic composition is different and likewise are the levels and degree of metabolic damage. Some people may see results immediately while in others it may take more time to develop the perfect plan to fit each individual. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not experiencing immediate results. Remember, it took quite a long time to develop metabolic damage as it doesn’t occur overnight. Likewise, it will take time to correct it. Please be patient and trust the process.

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